Connecting Chambers

GCC Commerce allows Chambers to connect with their members and other Chambers around the world, creating a secure chamber-driven commerce network.

We have created the first and only system that utilizes a multi-network architecture to power an expanding number of networks to connect together effortlessly while being operated independently by each respective Chamber.

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GCC Commerce empowers your chamber to connect with:


Companies in the United States


Companies Globally

The GCC Advantage

GCC Commerce offers a system like no other with features that will
elevate your Chamber's capabilities


The GCC Commerce system is the first in the world to power a Chamber of Commerce with B2B networking technology fused with social network aspects.

This approach of chamber-driven commerce unlocks a new world of business opportunities and collaboration among member companies.


The GCC Commerce system is the first of it’s kind to link multiple B2B networks while allowing each network to have it’s own rules and regulations.

For example, a company that is a member in your chamber can also hold associate membership in other cooperative chambers which allows your member companies to instantly collaborate and trade with any other company in the “network”.


The GCC platform is equipped with intelligent back-end analysis and automation processes that act as an auto “business tool” for member companies. Once an opportunity is found, it is presented to the user (automatically, without the user searching for it).

Opportunities include: products, services, buying requests/RFPs, sales deals, tenders and other.

Features for the Chamber of Commerce

Brief summary of features accessible for admin & staff of your Chamber of Commerce

  • Advanced Dashboards

    Review the latest statistics represented in practical and beautiful charts; divided into dashboards: network traffic, membership stats, activity streams and network snapshot.

  • Chamber Mail

    Send mass custom-designed messages to members via the Chamber Mail feature; with ability to target specific member segments.

  • E-Campaigns

    Launch E-campaigns to survey members, auto collect data, analyze and report (based on collected data).

  • SponsorMatch™

    Manage Sponsors and access sponsorship inquiries via the GCC SponsorMatch™ system.

  • Tenders

    Create Tenders and instantly send announcement to all members or select group(s).

  • Trade View

    Access the Trade View feature to gain insight into the most active trading activities in the chamber network.

  • Member Management

    Manage members by means of advanced search and accessing member profiles instantly.

  • News & Events

    Post and share chamber news and events with all members and the public.

  • Chamber Profile

    Manage chamber profile including staff, employees, network settings, announcements and more.

  • Network Mail

    Manage and create ads promoting any desired chamber services or activities.

Benefits for Chambers of Commerce


Increase membership value and chamber revenue.


Generate statistics & business intelligence reports.


Create custom questionnaires, survey members & analyze results.


Improve communication with your members.


Connect with other Chambers of Commerce around the world.

Features for the Member Companies

Brief summary of features accessible for members of your Chamber of Commerce

  • Activity Stream

    Receive trade opportunities, connections, company news, chamber announcements and more via Activity Stream.

  • Products & Services Listing

    Post products & services and target the intended audience.

  • Buyer Requests (RFPs)

    Post RFPs and match with suppliers across multiple networks.

  • Sales Deals

    Create sales (wholesale) deals and make available to all relevant buyers.

  • Groups

    Create and manage “groups” of companies to connect, collaborate and trade.

  • Secure Inbox

    Communicate with other members and the Chamber via a secure messaging system.

  • Reports & Intelligence

    Generate or download valuable Reports & Stats about your company, products, visitors and industry.

  • Tenders

    Review Tenders and easily communicate with the asking agency.

  • FranchisePark™

    Create or find franchises via the FranchisePark™ system.

  • SponsorMatch™

    Become a sponsor by participating in the GCC SponsorMatch™ system.

  • Search Engine

    Find products, services, buyers, sellers, companies and people using the powerful search feature.

  • Company Profile

    Manage all aspects of your company profile such as company data, employees, references, locations… etc.

  • Help Center

    Find answers and get help instantly via the Helper Center.

Benefits for Members of your Chamber of Commerce

Instant Leads

Suppliers can instantly reach thousands of new buyers of their products and services.

Buying Requests

Buyers can solicit competitive offers from thousands of qualified suppliers & providers.


Companies can establish a trustworthy presence and provide business community proof.


Expert automated promotion of products & services at no cost.


Generate valuable business reports; understand market and opportunity.

Exclusive Features

Exciting and valuable additions to the GCC Commerce suite of applications.

Chamber Mobile App

A mobile app and mobile website for your Chamber; available to all member companies. Enjoy all platform features while on the go!

GCC SponsorMatch™

A service that allows persons and companies to find local partners and/or sponsors to aid in the establishment of new business, financing, investment, licensing and other.

Franchise Park™

A service that helps companies promote their franchises throughout the chamber network and associated networks helping individuals and companies locate franchise opportunities in their areas of interest.

Coming Soon

Announcing two new valuable additions to the technology platform at GCC Commerce
for member companies.

B2C Online Store Fronts

We are in the process of creating capability for member companies to sell directly to consumers via online store fronts. This tremendous addition to our platform is expected to boost membership value for retailer member companies as well as companies who may benefit from direct sale to consumers.

Customs Data

Customs Data is a service which enables companies to search for potential suppliers and buyers by examining genuine Customs records from select countries. By using keyword searches members can quickly identify and assess the ability of suppliers to meet your sourcing requirements.